Your Partner in Precision Surface Solutions


Established on July 17th, 2001, Plasmatreat Japan stands as a leading force in the global market and holds significant presence in Japan.

Emphasizing partnership and service, we are committed to delivering unparalleled excellence. While proudly rooted in our German heritage, we are firmly dedicated to Japan's market, promising steadfast longevity and the finest service standards in the industry.

Welcome to Nihon Plasmatreat Inc.

At PT Nihon, we're dedicated to developing tailored applications that meet your unique needs. We believe in transparency and quality, which is why we charge for every trial—we provide comprehensive reports that not only guide your processes but also drive improvement. Our expertise spans various applications, drawing from a diverse pool of experiences to offer you the best solutions, especially for working under atmospheric pressure.

As part of the Plasmatreat family, we leverage a wealth of knowledge and experiences across different applications. Our team of trained application engineers excels in working with a wide range of materials, ensuring they identify the optimal parameters and plasma conditions to tackle your individual challenges effectively.

Furthermore, we've made significant investments in state-of-the-art evaluation tools and capacities. From surface analysis tools to tensile strength measurement units and coating thickness checking systems, we have the resources to deliver precise and reliable results for your projects. At PT Nihon, we're not just a service provider—we're your partner in achieving excellence in surface treatment.

Elevating Business Relationships: Plasmatreat Nihon's Considerate Approach

1. Cultural Sensitivity: Plasmatreat Nihon recognizes the importance of cultural nuances and strives to align its operations with Japanese business customs. This ensures a smoother and more respectful interaction, mitigating any potential misunderstandings or discomfort.

2. Localized Expertise: By operating as a subsidiary with 2 offices in Japan, Plasmatreat Nihon boasts a team deeply rooted in the local market. Their understanding of Japanese industry requirements enables them to offer solutions tailored to your specific needs, enhancing the overall experience and outcomes.

3. Reliability and Consistency: Over the years, Plasmatreat Nihon has built a reputation for reliability and consistency in delivering quality products and services. Their track record speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

4. Effective Communication: Plasmatreat Nihon emphasizes clear and effective communication, ensuring that discussions are conducted in a manner that is comfortable and easy to comprehend. This open dialogue facilitates a smoother collaboration process and fosters trust.

5. Continuous Improvement: Plasmatreat Nihon is dedicated to continuous improvement and learning. They actively seek feedback from customers to refine their processes and enhance the overall customer experience, demonstrating their commitment to long-term partnerships.

In essence, while past experiences with foreigners may have led to apprehensions, Plasmatreat Nihon offers a respectful, culturally sensitive, and customer-centric approach, coupled with localized expertise and a proven track record of reliability. These factors combine to create an environment conducive to positive and fruitful business relationships, ensuring that your experience with Plasmatreat Nihon is both satisfying and rewarding.

Enabling Advancement: Plasmatreat Japan's Commitment to Cutting-Edge Solutions

We produce more than just systems; at Plasmatreat Japan, we are dedicated to supporting cutting-edge technologies and fostering innovation. While our technology has been proven effective for over 30 years, our commitment to advancement remains steadfast. Our expertise spans across various industries, including the electronics, semiconductor, packaging, and power device sectors. Notably, we specialize in areas such as ECU and sender market in automotive electronics, as well as battery technologies. These sectors represent thriving markets for Japanese manufacturers, and we are eager to contribute to their success.

However, what truly sets us apart is our approach to plasma technology. We see it not only as a tool but as a coaching technology, empowering our customers to achieve their goals. This unique selling proposition allows us to tailor-make individual solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. With a wide product portfolio, extensive technological expertise, and unparalleled service, we stand as a reliable partner for our customers. At Plasmatreat Japan, we are committed to supporting diverse industries and driving innovation forward.